Exhaust installations

Exhaustsystems Jac de Vries

Jac. de Vries exhaust installations improve working climate, are cleaner for the environment and stimulate higher productivity

Exhaust installations

Jac. de Vries produces specified exhaust systems. Our exhaust are well known for being the best in the market for infrared and hot-air drying. Next to this we produce specified exhaust installations for any other industrial application.

Improve your working conditions

Jac. de Vries exhaust systems directly discharge hot or polluted air, superfluous substances, solvents, etc. Our installations contribute considerably to an improved working climate (OSH legislation) and will reduce wear or pollution of machines.

Faster drying

The Jac. de Vries exhaust installations can significantly accalerate the drying process, this results into production gains. Our exhaust systems can be made to measure as requested, and fully geared to the machine and the production process, but also to the type and quantity of the released substances.

What we offer

We offer various options, including:
• additional fans with a higher rpm for increased capacity;
• central exhaust installation with hoods for various machines;
• fan motor with continuous rpm control (for instance for flawless paper transport).

Various filter systems, e.g. for dry spray powder, with or without automatic cleaning.

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Exhaust systems