Infrared Cabins

Infrared Cabines Jac de Vries

Infrared equipment for sauna installation

Built in quickly and effortlessly with guaranteed quality

Infrared Sauna Cabins

Jac. de Vries supplies special IR equipment for infrared sauna cabins. It mainly consists of a preassembled control box, an operating panel, complete cabling and a very easy to understand manual. That allows sauna builders, installation companies etc. to relatively easily build all kinds of cabins, in series production as well as made-to-measure on site.

CE Mark

Our equipment is easy to install, comes with CE mark and complies with all EMC standards. There are various fixtures fitted with Robax protective glass, e.g. with 865 mm IR-A lamp (750W or ‘low glare’ 500W) or with 435 mm IR-A lamp (750 W).

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