Infrared dryers

Infrared Drying in the Graphic Industry

Jac. de Vries Infraroodtechniek is in the graphic industry a well know name. Our Infrared dryers and our knowled are used world wide.

By use of our IR technology and hot airknives the drying of printing ink and water based coatings can be done much faster. This will give you immediately the profit of a higher production speed.

Jac. de Vries Infraroodtechniek has developed and produced for many different customers dry systems for sheet and web offset. Next to this we have also developed and produced special drying sytems for silkscreen- and flexo printing.

Of course supply we Jac. de Vries Infraroodtechniek besides those installations also custum made drying systems for foldingbox gluing machines and bindery machines.

Infrared Drying for Sheet Offset

Speed, reliability and productivity with the best quality are the decisive factors for succes in the printing industry. The natural drying of printing inks is a delay during this proces.
By the use of infrared dryers in combination with special developed inks this delay time is eliminated.

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Infrared Drying for Web Offset

For web offset Jac. de Vries makes IR-installations, which dry the ink directly after the printing units, before the folder. This is a fast and safe way of drying because the web temperature will stay certainly below 100°C (212F). Our systems are designed to fit. Every effort is made to provide a system that can be installed on your machine in such a way as to optimize performance and yet, not require major press modifications that would cause extensive downtime on installation.

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UV Dry Systems

Jac. de Vries Infraroodtechniek supllies besides the IR dryers also different types of UV dry systems. Our experience of many years makes it possible to offer you a great range of products in drying for all kind off applications.

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Infrared Drying for Inkjet

Special developed for larger systems were inkjet printheads with a height of 1,5″ (38mm) and waterbased ink are used. By the use of IR drying the production speed can be much higher, up to 85% profit can be reached. Next to this you can also print on coated paper. Our inkjet dryers are used f.e. by DJM, IPAS Technologies, Domino, Kirk-Rudy, Scitex and Videojet.

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Infrared Drying for Foldingbox Gluing or Bindery Machines

For foldingbox gluing and bindery machines, were drying is of great importance, we Jac. de Vries Infraroodtechniek have the technology to make the IR dryers for this.These systems are specialy developed for your process and machines. Using these systems will speed up the drying time so your production capacity will increase.

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Air dry systems (airknives)

To dry waterbased coating, such as acrylic-, watertank-  and dispersion coatings, it is absolute necessary to use hot air dryers. These coatings contain in general about 60% water.

By blowing hot air with high speed against and over the passing coated material (paper. board etc.) the water will be evaporated out of the coating and the drying time will be much shorter. During this process it is of great importance that  the with water saturated air is extracted by an exhaust system.

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Test Installations for more certaintly!

Are you looking for more certaintly that IR drying or heating is the sollution for your dry problem, than we offer you the possibility to rent an IR dry system for a few weeks. In this way you are able to run production with IR, get some experience with it and find out for yourself if it is the answer to your problem.

Would you like some more information, please visit our downloadpages for leaflets or ask your question by our contactform.