Hot-air dryers

Hot air drying

A good method to considerably speed up the drying time for water-based lacquers

The rise of hot-air drying

With the increasing use of water-based synthetic lacquers, such as acrylic and dispersion lacquers, hot-air dryers have been gaining ground again lately. These lacquers typically consist for some 60% of water. The hot-air dryer economically reduces the drying time considerably, while the water-saturated air is directly carried off by an exhaust system.

How does it work

“Air knives” are placed in line with the press that allow continuous and highly accurate (up to 0.1∞) control of the drying capacity using microprocessors. That results in optimum management of the drying process and energy consumption for every type of paper.

Also suitable for intermediate drying

Hot-air dryers are also very suitable for intermediate drying, for instance between two lacquering stages, or between printing and lacquering. They considerably reduce the production time and make the ink set better before the lacquer coat is applied. That also makes it possible to apply several lacquer layers in-line, for instant gold/silver lacquer and protective lacquer, or water-based blister lacquer built up in two layers.

What we offer

Jac. de Vries Hot-Air dryers provide you in short:
• improved ink setting
• higher gloss values (less absorption losses)
• improved lacquer flow
• improved dot sharpness
• several lacquer types can be applied in-line.

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