Infrared dryers for Inkjet systems


IR dryers for Inkjet printing

No marking and a much higher production speed

Special developed for larger systems were inkjet printheads with a height of 1,5″ (38mm) and waterbased ink are used. By the use of IR drying the production speed can be much higher, up to 85% profit can be reached. Next to this you can also print on coated paper. The inkjet dryers of Jac. de Vries Infraroodtechniek are used f.e. by DJM, IPAS Technologies, Domino, Kirk-Rudy, Scitex and Videojet.

Description of our IR inkjetdryers:

  • Very compact building size
  • Standard supplied with shortwave IR lamps with lightfilter (no inconvenient visible light)
  • Completely harmless, safe to use according the CE-guideline
  • Drying width possible from 50 up to 2500 mm (2″up to 100″)
  • Can be delivered with mounting bridge to position the inkjetdryer in heigth and width above the printwork.
  • Standard or custum made on your specifications
  • Stepless powercontrol by handsetting or automatic connected to the printing speed
  • Coolingfan integrated in the inkjetdryer, no extraction needed
  • Easy to control
  • IR dryer can be switched on/off by a potential free contact from the machine.
  • Can be supplied with different power levels, depending on the printwork and the printing speed

Standard IR inkjetdryers

We supply the following standard infrared inkjetdryers:

  • Type QIR-A-310/1x2kW
  • Type QIR-A-310/2x1kW
  • Type 65+40/3x2kW
  • Type 65+40/3x3kW

Next to this we are able to supply an inkjetdryer for every inkjetsystem, suitable for your application to satisfy your wishes.

For example:

Inkjet dryer with a maximum drying width equal to the transit width of your inkjetsystem. Each IR lamp in the IR panel can be switch on/off seperately. In this way a drying width of 40mm (1,6″) can be realised on each spot of the printwork. The required power depends on the production speed, the used material and thickness of the ink.


  • We can supply a dryer bridge for a fast and easy mounting of the inkjetdryer on your machine behind the inkjetsystem. On this bridge the IR inkjet dryer can easily by moved over the width of the material to place it in the right drying position.
  • Automatic control of the IR power in connection to the printing speed.


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