IR for Pasting Lines or Bindery

Pastinglines Drying

Window cartons can be processed already after 6 hours and sent to the deepfreeze after 24 hours.

Special Pasting Procedures

Our short-wave IR drying equipment is also highly suitable for special pasting procedures. A nice example is the dryer that we built for a Kohman window pasting line machine.

Speed and results

It appeared that IR drying considerably accelerated the pasting of windows on PE-coated carton and, moreover, that the consistency was improved considerably. Within 6 hours after pasting, the cartons can now already be processed on the folding machine and within 24 hours they can be taken to the deep-freeze. (Previously, it took 3 days before they could be processed). The result: an enormous production acceleration at a comparatively very low investment.

Infrared usaged when pasting in the bindery

Also for pasting in the bindery – or for other processes were drying is important – we can manufacture special IR drying systems, fully geared to your process and machinery that will make you gain enormous amounts of time. For instance for quicker and better pasting and drying of book spines, for catalogues, note pads, calendars, etc.

When you are already working with other types of drying, it makes sense to contact us because in many cases IR drying results in considerable savings in energy and space compared to conventional drying systems.

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