Infrared Instand heating


Infrared instand heating

Besides the traditional space heating in buildings by central heatingsystems (water/air) is infrared instand heating an interesting replacement. By using shortwave IR emitters the radiation heat will be directly available as soon as it is turned on and will disappear also as soon as it is turned off. The big advantage of instand infrared heating is that there is no need to heat up the room or workspot if it is not used.

Specific heating

The IR panels can be placed in such a way that they only heat up the spot where it is needed. This in combination with the fact that the IR is only switched on when somebody is in this area, makes the use of IR instand heating very effective.
Besides this the IR panels can be placed fast and easy in every position without damaging walls or ceilings in the building.

We can advise you and take care of the complete installation this means

  • Delivery of the IR panels, standard or on your specification.
  • Delivery of powercontrolunit for stepless regulating of the IR heating for seperate placed IR panels.
  • Manufacturing and delivery of control panels with remote control for stepless regulating of the IR heat in large rooms (entrees/halls).
  • The installing and start up of the instand infrared heating systems.


  • Local workspots and large rooms (entrees/halls etc.)

  • High spaces (heated air is raising so you need a lot of energie for heating up the complete room)
  • Spaces which are not continuous used f.e. meeting rooms, canteens, waiting rooms etc.
  • Spaces with large glass walls.