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Infrared Lamps

Infrared lamps for all dry equipments!

Besides the IR lamps that we use in our own manufactured dry installations, Jac. de Vries Infraroodtechniek can also deliver the IR lamps and radiation elements which are used for:

  • Dry processes (ink, coating)
  • Industrial processes (heating, melting, hardening, gluing deforming etc.)
  • Health care systems
  • Patio heaters

The following lamps can be delivered for those systems:

  • Short wave IR lamps
  • Medium wave IR lamps
  • Long wave IR lamps
  • Carbon emittors
  • Hybrid emitters
  • UV lamps
  • Ceramic elements

Download form

Below you will find some leaflets with information about the lamps that we can supply. If you are interested in certain type of lamp you can fill in the application form. Next to this you can always contact us by phone or by our contactform.

  • Download PDF overview IR lamps (in Dutch)
  • Download PDF application form short wave IR lamp
  • Download PDF application form medium wave IR lamp
  • Download PDF application form fast medium wave IR lamp

Please also look on our downloadpage for downloads of our other products.


IR lampen / Infrared lamps