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Pile temperature measuring

The level of heat required for drying the ink can vary from case to case. The actual quantity needed is determined by factors that are not easily controlled by the printer. Factors that are of influence are:

  • The relative density and relative humidity of the printed matter
  • The color and viscosity of the ink
  • The printing speed
  • The climate in the print shop

Different ways of measuring

To obtain a good result the temperature in the printed paper stack serves as a reliable guideline.
Jac. de Vries Infraroodtechniek offers you the following possibilities to measure the pile temperature:

  • Mounting an IR temperature sensor above the pil in the delivery. With this sensor the temperature on the top of the pile is measured. The measured value is displayed on the controlpanel. It is also possible to control the power of the IR dryer with the measured temperature value. For this you need a PID controller or the system must be controlled by a PLC in combination with a touch screen. The power of the infrared dryer is in this way automatic controlled in such a way that the value of the pile temperature will be equal to the set value of your choise.
  • A sword made of stainless steel in which a sensor for measuring the temperature is placed. The ‘sword’ probe must be inserted between the sheets of paper and the measured temperature appears on the integrated digital display. The powersupply is suplied by a 9V battery.
  • The same as above but besides the temperature  is it also possible to measure the humidity.


If you want to know more ab out pile temperature masuring from Jac. de Vries, please look on our downloadpages for leaflets or ask your question by our contactform.

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Pile temperature measuring