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Putting ideas into action in drying systems

Jac. de Vries Infrarood techniek has been a manufacturer of electrical infrared heating and radiation panels since 1978. We are specialized in creating time and money-saving solutions for heating and drying issues in all industries. From the first of January 2021 we belong to Sinus Jevi Electric Heating BV and is our production location in Medemblik.

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Jac. de Vries Infraroodtechniek has extensive expertise and a worldwide reputation with electrical infrared heating and radiation panels. In particular, we are also very specialized in designing and making the complete control cabinets. We are ready for your future.


Due to the compact construction and the contactless IR heating (possibly in combination with warm air drying and extraction), we are able to develop, manufacture and install a high-quality installation for each unique process.

Products & Solutions

We only use electrically controlled IR heaters. A heating process carried out with our installations is therefore a "clean" method of heating in which no combustion gases are released and the environment is not polluted by CO2 emissions.


We have been working since 2009 on the development and production of heating panels, equipped with Elstein ceramic radiation elements. These radiation panels are used in the plastics processing industry, the agricultural and poultry sector, machine building and the food sector.

Service and maintenance

Our own well trained engineers are ready for services if you run into an unexpected problem. We can advise, if possible you by phone otherwise on your location.
We keep our spareparts in stock in our plant in the Netherlands and at the office of our agency Eltosch Grafix America Inc. in Batavia, Illinois, USA.
You can also contact us for maintenance and services to dry systems that are not manufactured by Jac. de Vries Infraroodtechniek.

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