Infrared Drying

About us

For more than 35 years Jac. de Vries Infraroodtechniek is manufacturing infrared drying and heating installations. Because of this we can say that we have a built a great expertise in solving all kind of drying problems.

We are fully equipped to provide our customers a quality product, from stock or developed and produced on customer specifications.

Custom Made Infrared Technique!

Our products are developed and modular built in our own plant so our engineers can answer all your questions and advise you by telephone, fax or e-mail.

We supply our dry systems to customers in the graphic industry for sheet- and web offset. Beside infrared dryers we also deliver airknives (hot air dryers) and exhaust systems. We have installed the systems on all kind of presses f.e. Heidelberg, Roland, Mitsubishi, Komori, Ryobi, Sakurai, Shinohara, KBA, Akiyama, Goss, Harris, Zirkon, Clauberg etc.

Next to this we also supply infrared systems for industrial applications (f.e. glueing, heating, drying). By the compact dimensions and the contact free infrared heating (sometimes in combination with hot airknives and exhaust) we are able to develop, make an install an installation for many applications.

You can also contact us for for UV drying systems or for IR and UV lamps for all possible drying systems.
In short

We are specialized in:

  • Infrareddryers for web offset
  • Infrareddryers suitable for mounting above conveyor systems
  • Industrial infrared applicaties
  • Exhaustsystems for heat, powder, smell, solvents
  • Pile temperature measuring for sheet offset
  • Hot air dryers / Airknives
  • Total drysystems, consisting of IR, exhaust and hot airdryers (airknives) with
  • touchscreen control
  • FreFilter dish-watercleaner for water bases coatings and –glue
  • FreMix inkmixer
  • UV dry systems (Spectral, Nordson)
  • Infrared health care systems
  • Infraredlamps
  • UV lamps
  • Maintenance and service to drying installations
  • Advice in dry sollutions!