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Wood processing industry

Wood processing industry

Wood processing industry

Wood, MDF & Furniture

In the wood processing industry, the drying process of wood treatment can be accelerated considerably with infrared heating. So it can be very usefull in the post-processing of wood such as coloring, lacquering or coating.
Even if the wood is finished with a UV coating, heating up the product can have a great advantage. The IR must be placed before the coating is cured with UV light. In this way, the infrared heating ensures that the water components are removed and the coating flows out evenly.
The infrared heater is also very suitable for gluing veneer layers on wooden sheets and edges.

Drying the varnishes and coatings for coloring wooden floorboards and shelves. The infrared panels can be built into the production line most times without any problems. They can be connected in such a way that the infrared is switch on and off automatically when the product passes. The radiated IR power can also be controlled automatically based on the temperature. For this we contactless measure the surface temperature of the passing wood. By the controller, the required temperature can be set. The infrared powercontroller and will now bring and hold the surface temperature of the wood to the required value.

Infrared systems are extremely suitable for glueing the veneer layers.

Infrared application for drying reactive adhesives. It can also be used for powder coating MDF plates. For this purpose, the plates, suspended from a transport rail, are fed through between two infrared panels arranged opposite each other. After preheating, a better adhesion results when powder coating on the plate.

For drying printing on laminate. But also for bonding the top layer of the laminate to the substrate.

Drying decorative prints on wood but also prints, for example on wooden puzzles can be achieved with infrared heat radiation.


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