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Food industry and products

Food industry and products

Food industry and products:

Infrared heating installations are used in many places for the production and preparation of food in the food industry. For many processes it is possible to use infrared heating for this. Some examples of realized projects in food production are:

Germinating and disinfecting seeds, nuts and grains e.g. for processing into superfoods.
By heating these products with infrared radiation panels during the production process, they can be processed safely and quickly

For this the frozen vegetables or fruit must evenly distributed over a conveyor belt and passing this under infrared heating panels. In the way these products can be defrosted and brought to temperature very evenly and accurately.

Heating / melting of chocolate is used, among other things, for melting chocolate figures together, making them fluid for pouring and for cleaning the molds.
By using infrared heating, it is also possible to bring the chocolate to the desired temperature very accurately and evenly.

A lot of water is used for cleaning and producing food. The excess water must then be removed from the products. With infrared heating, possibly combined with air drying, this can be realized very well. As an example we mention here sugar cubes, which after assembly have to be dried before they can be packed.

For baking or baking bread, cakes and waffles or applying top layers to these products.

When using LED lighting in greenhouse horticulture as a replacement for the assimilation lamps, There is not enough heat released. To compensate for this heat loss, it is possible to solve this by using infrared radiation. As a result, growth is further stimulated, so that production time is shortened.

The following applications have been used for the preparation of foods such as meals:

After a meal is ready, it can take a while before a complete order is ready. By placing the meal under infrared heating it will remain warm and crispy until the entire order is ready to be served.

Frozen and pre-baked pizza can easily be defrosted and / or heated in an infrared oven. The pizza hereby becomes crispy.


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