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Floorcovering and carpet

Floorcovering and carpet

Floor covering and carpet:

In the production of floor covering and carpet, IR heating can be used at various locations such as:

  • preheating to prevent shrinkage
  • remove moisture
  • flowing of coatings
  • liquefying / keeping PVC as a substrate for mats and carpets

It is also possible to replace steam plates that are used by IR panels. The big advantage is that the IR is immediately ready for use after switching on and therefore there are no heating up times, which is one of the major disadvantages of the steam plates. By this, the IR panels can also be switched off during a production stop or break. Another disadvantage of the steam plates is that the controllability of the temperature is often inaccurate. The infrared panels can be adjusted very accurately and the reaction time is also very quickly. This can also be done automatically by making the output power ot the IR emitters dependent on the contactless measured temperature of the product. By applying the infrared heating, it has also been found that the production speed can be increased considerably, even doubled. The infrared panels are connected to the electricity power supply. So even if you want to produce greener with less CO2 emissions and your steam boiler is gas-fired, the switch to heating with infrared is a recommended alternative.

Some of the projects carried out by us are:

The IR heating is used for evaporating water and flowing out the UV coating of the protective layer on the marmoleum.

The IR heating is used to heat the underlay to prevent shrinkage afterwards. This prevents the carpet from curling. By heating, the carpet it is also much better to cut so that the knives wear much less. This is used for cutting carpet tile.

The IR heating ensures that the PVC backing for walk-in mats remains fluid for good adhesion with the carpet.


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