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IR products & solutions

IR products & solutions

IR Products & solutions:

Infrared radiation panels are very suitable for industrial processes that require heat. A major advantage of using IR products is that no long start-up times are required. As a result, a very large saving of time can be realized compared to conventional drying and heating techniques.

Jac. De Vries Infraroodtechniek has designed customized IR drying systems for various industrial applications. These are fully custom made to the properties of products and processing processes. For each process it is determined which IR radiator and which wavelength is best suited for your application. This enables us to offer you the most energy-efficient solution. We can also offer you a complete installation if you have to adjust your production line to install the infrared heating panels. This means that we mount the infrared above a transport system on which your product is passing through.

Under IR applications you see an overview of the possibilities and down below some examples of projects carried out by us.


Our regular products:

Jac. de Vries Infraroodtechniek is fully equipped to develop and produce a high-quality product for our customers, both from the shelf and to customer specifications.

You can contact us for the following:

  • Infrared dryers for rotary and sheet offset presses
  • Infrared dryers suitable for installation above transport systems
  • Infrared applications for the industrial applicationHeat, powder and odour extraction units
  • Stacking temperature meters
  • Warm air dryers / Airknives
  • Total drying system, consisting of IR, extraction and warm air dryers with touchscreen operating display
  • FreFilter rinse water cleaners for waterborne paints and adhesives
  • FreMix ink mixing systems
  • UV drying installations
  • Infrared cabins
  • Infrared emitters
  • UV lamps
  • Maintenance and service to drying systems
  • A solid advice!

Demo and test installations

If you want to be sure that infrared heating or drying is indeed the solution you are looking for, you can rent a trial installation including infrared heaters from us for a few weeks. We have various systems available for this, depending on your application. Due to the compact design, the infrared test panels can in most cases be easily installed by yourself. It is always possible for our technicians to help you with this and then fully inform you about the operation of the installation.

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