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Infrared applications

Infrared applications

Infrared applications

Jac. de Vries Infrarood applications are versatile!

To give you an impression of the many possibilities for applying infrared, we mention a few examples of completed projects below:

  • Drying of coating on brake pads
  • Bonding of a formica top layer on worktops, kitchen tops
  • Bonding layers of (foam) rubber in the manufacture of mattresses
  • Preheating MDF before applying powder coating and coating
  • drying the applied powder coating
  • Drying water-based paint and varnishes on wood
  • Drying inks and varnishes on paper
  • The evaporation of water from a applied silicone emulsion for making
    PET film antistatic
  • Bonding leather in the production of belts
  • Heating chocolate molds for cleaning
  • Bonding foil to cardboard in the production of window boxes
  • Bonding book backs
  • Drying imprints on clothing
  • Drying printing on wooden puzzles
  • Space heating for workplaces and large spaces such as churches
  • Drying lacquers on pipelines
  • Repairing damaged plastic pipelines, also underground by passing
    a mobile IR panel through the pipeline on the inside.
  • Mobile IR panels for drying and / or heating of large, heavy objects
  • IR dryers for car damage companies
  • Heating wooden shoes for gluing the sole to the wood
  • Maintaining the temperature of PVC backing for walk-in mats
  • Pre-heating to prevent shrinkage of carpets, among other things
  • Drying of coatings on both metal and plastic
  • The baking and / or cooking of food such as pizzas
  • Heating up frozen products for processing

If your application is not listed above, we are happy to take on the challenge of realizing a solution together with you. If you have any questions please contact us and we can advise you, without obligation.



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