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Advantages of IR heating and drying

Advantages of IR heating

Advantages of IR heating and drying:

There are many advantages that the use of IR heating brings with respect to the conventional heating based on the burning of fossil fuels.

  • IR heating contributes to greater efficiency. After switching on, the radiant heat is immediately present, so that no pre-heating is required. Due to the fast reaction time of the IR heaters, the heat emission is also immediately gone when the IR lamps are switched off, which enhances safety.
  • Due to the precision with which the processes can be regulated, faster drying and better gluing or fusing are also achieved. As a result, better product quality and a reduction in production risks and product waste.
  • The lead times are shortened by a quick drying of your product. Your products can often be further processed immediately without the need for a waiting period in, for example, a drying room.
  • Saving space, due to the compact design of the IR panels, these can often be built into an existing production line. When replacing existing conventional drying tunnels, the required space (length of the tunnel) is often shortened. But even if you now let your products dry naturally, you often need a lot of storage space for this. This expires, because the product dried by the IR can be further processed immediately.
  • In particular, bonding of difficult materials can have a lot of advantage by applying infrared heating. Curved surfaces which are under tensile or thrust stress, can let go of adhesive when there is insufficient drying. Due to the infrared it will retain a better adhesion due to faster drying.
  • The same applies to lacquers or spraying, after which further processing must take place.
  • By applying electric heating systems you reduce CO2 emissions, especially if you also generate your own electrical energy with the help of solar panels and / or a windmill.

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