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IR space heating

IR space heating

IR space heating

By using short-wave infrared heating panels, the radiant heat with IR space heating is immediately present after switching on. After switching off, it is also immediately gone again. The big advantage is that a room or workspace does not have to be heated in advance. Immediately after switching on the IR space heating you immediately get a comfortable feeling.

The infrared panels can be positioned in such a way that only the place where the heat is requirement, is illuminated. This in combination with the temporary activation makes space heating with infrared radiant panels very effective. Another big advantage is that the infrared panels for space heating can be installed quickly anywhere. This is usually possible without having to do any hacking or breaking work on the walls or ceilings in the building.

In addition, this type of heating does not release harmful fumes or substances. This makes it a clean and green way of heating so that you contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

Total solution:

We can take care of the total installation dilivery for you, this means:

  • The delivery of the infrared heating panels, standard or according to customer specifications.
  • The supply of power controls for the stepless adjustment of heat radiation for a the panels.
  • Making and supplying switch cabinets and control panels for the adjustment of heat radiation for large spaces.
  • Instructions and advice for installation the panels

Space heating applications:

  • Local workplaces in large spaces
  • High spaces (warm air rises, requiring a lot of energy for heating)
  • Spaces that are not used continuously for example meeting rooms, canteen’s, auditoriums, waiting rooms etc.
  • Spaces with large glass walls, creating a descending of cold air along the glass.
  • Stadiums so that spectators can sit comfortably in inclement weather conditions.

If you would like to receive more information about infrared space heating and what is possible for you, please contact us by telephone or via the contact form.

In the Muziekgebouw on the IJ in Amsterdam we have provided the following spaces with IR heating panels:
the entrance and hall, the hall entrance, Foyer 1, Foyer 3, the atrium entrance and atrium sound room.
All IR panels are connected to a centrally placed control cabinet. The following settings can be made on the HMI touch screen control panel, which is placed at the reception.
– heat emission (electrical power) from the IR panels per zone
– switch-on and switch-off time of the IR panels (5x per day), for each zone separately
– enter the switch-on and switch-off time of the IR panels in advance for one week.
This allows them to switch on space heating at the desired location, before the start of a performance and to switch it off during the performance. The IR heating is also switched on automatically during the break and after the performance. At closing time, all switched on IR panels are now also switched off automatically.

In the new hospital building, Medisch Spectrum Twente, a space heating IR panel has been installed above each bed at the location of a ceiling plate. Each panel is equipped with two heating elements that can be switched on separately. This makes it possible to heat patients individually. As a result, the room temperature in the entire hospital can be slightly lowered, which benefits the working climate for employees. The total energy costs have also been reduced because extra heat is only used as required.

In offices with large glass walls, built-in heating IR panels can be placed to limit the cold fall that occurs along the glass so that the indoor climate is considerably improved. The IR panels can be connected to a centrally arranged control cabinet. The capacity of the heating IR panels is infinitely adjustable.

Infrared heating panels have been placed to heat the auditorium in the university in Hengelo. A total of 16 IR panels have been placed, which are divided into two zones that can be switched on separately. The capacity is continuously adjustable per zone by using. a potentiometer. The activation is through a timer.

Churches are extremely suitable for heating with infrared radiation panels. It is not the entire space that is heated, but the heating takes place where it is needed. Moreover, there are no warm-up times.


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