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Elstein heating fields


Heating fields with Elstein ceramic emitters

Since April 1, 2009 Jac de Vries Infraroodtechniek has an agreement with Elstein-Werk from Germany and Wilmod Heating & Systems for the development and production of heating panels. The panels are executed with the ceramic infrared emitters from Elstein. These radiant panels or ovens are very suitable for production processes where the heating must be switched on for a long or continuous period.

The radiation of these infrared emitters is in the medium wave range. The emittters reach a temperature of 600 to a maximum of 860 ° C, depending on the capacity. They are available in different sizes and power. Depending on the application, we determine which element is the most suitable. We can heat large fields with these elements. For example, we have made panels with dimensions (width x length) 4.5 x 0.875 meters. These panels can be placed against each other. In this application, four of these panels were placed next to each other to create a heated surface of 4.5 x 3.5 meters.

The power required depends on various factors such as the throughput of the product, the desired product temperature and the dimensions of the surface to be heated.


  • Due to the modular structure of the heating elements, the panels are virtually available in all dimensions;
  • Due to the modular structure, the heating surface in a panel can also be adapted to the product to be heated, saving energy;
  • Good and accurate control of power (also by temperature measuring);
  • An even temperature distribution over the entire surface, but also adjustable in zones;
  • Robust;
  • Long lifespan;
  • Maintenance free;
  • Clean, no combustion gases;

These panels can be used in all production processes where drying, heating of the product or surface heating are required. Because the elements emit heat radiation in the medium wave range, it takes a few minutes before the operating temperature is reached. Processes that run continuously are therefore extremely suitable.

See below for a number of our projects and applications.

Bending, thermoforming (2D), vacuum forming (3D), welding and tempering for example to release the stress from the material.

Bakeries, waffles and cakes, chocolate and also to keep meals hot for restaurants

Bonding, coating including MDF boards, table or kitchen tops and floorboards.

Preheating welding pieces such as for welding attachment and pivot points on axles for forklifts, cranes and grapples.

Bonding, drying and coating of tiles and concrete, among other things.

To dry and remove moisture.

For bounding the layers together.


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