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Synthetic material (plastics)

Synthetic material (plastics)

Synthetic material

Due to the very good controllability of the output power of the IR emitters, the infrared panels can be adjusted optimally, making them suitable for use in the synthetic material processing industry (plastics). We have therefore already installed many infrared radiation panels to improve and / or accelerate a production process.

There are many possible applications, some examples are shown below.


Infrared heating is widely used for the production of conveyor belts and caterpillar tracks.

Heating plates so that they can be cast or pressed into a mold by means of a vacuum.

Heating the plastic will soften it and make it easy to work with. This is used for example used for simplifying the scraping of the plastic protective layer on the end of steel pipes. The pipes are after this treatment welded together and used for oil and gas transport.
By heating the plastic to the melting point, a mutual weld connection can also be established.
Imprints on synthetic material sheets can also be dried perfectly with IR radiant panels.


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