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Infrared emitters

Infrared emitters

Infrared emitters

Infrared emitters of extraordinary quality!

Except for the infrared emitters that we use in our own installations we can also deliver all other IR emitters and radiation elements that are used for:

  • Drying processes (inks, varnishes)
  • Industrial processes (heating, melting, curing, gluing, forming, etc.)
  • Sauna cabins
  • Terrace heating

A distinction is made between the following infrared lamps:

  • Short-wave IR lamps
  • Medium-wave IR lamps
  • Long-wave IR lamps
  • Carbon heaters
  • Hybrid lamps
  • UV emitters
  • Ceramic elements

Download emitter specifications:

If you have the specifications, type or order number of your emitter, than you can fill our request form below for a free offer. If you need some more information, you might be able to find this on our download page.

If you want to replace a lamp but you do not have a lamp type number, always give us as much information as possible about the lamp to be replaced. Such as:

  • Power (KW).
  • Supply voltage
  • Length of connection wires.
  • Dimensions, total emitter length and diameter.
  • Heated length.
  • Radiation wave length.

We would also like to receive a photo of the old lamp so that we can offer you the same emitter.

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