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Laminate and Gluing

Laminate and Gluing

Laminating & Gluing

The connection of material layers to each other is done by laminating & gluing.


Different processes (principles) are applied to connect the different layers to each other:

  • Wet lamination; A liquid glue is applied between the layers to be joined. After drying and / or binding of the glue, the parts are connected to each other.
  • Dry lamination; A self-adhesive glue is usually applied between the layers to be joined. The connection is established after pressing the layers.
  • Thermal lamination; By heating the contact surfaces of the layers to be joined and / or pressing them together, they become plastic, so that they merge with each other (welding).                                          As with mirror welding, a connection between the layers is established in this way.

The thermal lamination can be carried out very well by using IR radiation heaters.


There are many industrial applications for bonding materials that can be realized with infrared radiation panels. Bonding can be achieved in various ways.

  • Hot melt;
    Most materials can be glued with hot melt glue, provided that the parts can be assembled while the glue is still melted. When the parts are compressed, the heat is quickly dissipated through the underlayers, causing the glue to harden and provide immediate bonding or sealing. The processing times of hot melt adhesives vary from a few seconds to a few minutes; this depends on the formulation of the glue, the ambient temperature, the temperature of the substrate and the amount and composition of the glue used. The temperature of the bottom layer can easily be brought to a constant value and kept there by using IR radiation panels.
  • adhesives;
    By using infrared heating, the processing time of the product is considerably shortened. This means that the lead time will also be shorter, with the result that the production speed will be higher.

For gluing the different layers that make up a mattress. Bonding can be done with hot melt or with water-based adhesives. The IR radiant panels can provide optimum results for pre-heating, adhesion and / or drying.

For bonding special PVC fittings and pipe end.
For gluing filter end caps.

The bonding of soles to clogs and shoes by IR heat radiation.

For gluing honeycombs that, for example are used for reinforcement in interior doors.

Bonding or gluing leather to each other for the production of belts.


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